The Siddha Yoga Vision Statement

For everyone, everywhere,
to realize the presence of divinity in themselves and creation,
the cessation of all miseries and suffering,
and the attainment of supreme bliss.

The Siddha Yoga Mission Statement 

To constantly impart the knowledge of the Self.

Siva Sutras, III.s8

Siddha Yoga welcomes people of all faiths and cultures, recognizing divinity dwells in everything and everyone.  The Siddha Yoga tradition draws many of its teachings from the wisdom of Eastern philosophies, poet saints and India’s ancient yogic texts that describe the highest possible state of human awareness and how to attain it.  Through Siddha Yoga Culture and Philosophy students learn how to approach every situation with the unwavering strength and delight that comes from the certainty of the divine presence within.

The goal of the Siddha Yoga path is Self-realization -- the unceasing experience of yoga, or unity with God. This meditation path is infused with the grace and guidance of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, a Siddha Guru and the head of the Siddha lineage.  Her identification with the supreme Self is uninterrupted. Her mission is to awaken seekers to their own potential for enlightenment through the sacred tradition of shaktipat initiation which occurs during an Intensive.   It is through the Guru’s grace and the Siddha Yoga students spiritual practices -- yoga, meditation, chanting, contemplation and study, and selfless service, that the goal of Self-realization is attained. The mystery of the Siddha Yoga practices is that they are enlivened with the awakened energy of the Siddha Yoga Guru.

Gurumayi received the power and authority of the Siddha lineage from her Guru, the renowned Siddha master Swami Muktananda (1908-1982). Swami Muktananda brought Siddha Yoga Meditation to the West in the early 1970s, making this path of enlightened meditation available to everyone for the first time. He did so at the command of his Guru, the great saint of modern India, Bhagawan Nityananda (d.1961), from whom he had received the authority of the Siddha lineage. Through the teachings of the Siddhas and the practices of Siddha Yoga meditation, thousands of people from many different traditions have become inspired to fulfill the highest purpose of human birth: union with God.

The Siddha Yoga Path reaches seekers in more than 50 countries on seven continents around the world. For more detailed information click onto the Yoga Meditation Website