In our bookstore we offer:

Books by Swami Chidvilasananda, Swami
Muktananda, Siddha Yoga swamis
and scholars,
as well as the saints of the Siddha Yoga lineage.
We also offer children’s books.

CD's:  Siddha Yoga chants, talks by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.

DVD's: Siddha Yoga Talks by Gurumayi


Photographs of the Guru and saints.


Puja items:
candles, incense, dhoop, frankincense, puja cloths, statues of deities, meditation oils, padukas

Sacred Jewelry:
malas: rudraksha, jade, rose quartz, tulsi, sandalwood and more pendants, japa rings



Hours of Operation

Our bookstore is currently closed in accordance with CDC Guidelines. 


You can still place an order by calling the number listed below.  When we are able to re-open, our hours to bookstore will be open before and after Satsang. To support the sacred environment of Intensives and Retreats, bookstore hours during these events may be limited to the times that participants have breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning, and afternoon pauses.  The Bookstore may also be open during evening hours on these days.  Please call the office manager at (305) 422-2020 for additional information.

Bookstore Hours


Closed in accordance with CDC Guidelines


Closed in accordance with CDC Guidelines


Closed in accordance with CDC Guidelines

A Collection of talks on spiritual life
By Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

These talks, shining with Gurumayi's wisdom and practical guidance,
support a seeker's effort on the journey to the experience of the
supreme Heart.


The first volume contains the Siddha Yoga Message talks for 1995 to 1999:

    • Blaze the Trail of Equipoise and
      Enter the Heart, the Divine Splendor
    • Be Filled with Enthusiasm and Sing God´s Glory
    • Wake Up to Your Inner Courage
      and Become Steeped in Divine Contentment
    • Refresh Your Resolution. Smile at Your Destiny.
    • A Golden Mind, a Golden Life